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It is generally thought that Japanese culture is one of the most diverse and globally mixed in the world. The ancient Japanese culture formed a basis for most of the Fine Arts we love today. Religion is rated highly amonst most Japanese families, and temples and shrines are never far to be found, The Sensoji Temple, also known as Asakusa Kannon, Sensoji is the oldest and most impressive temple in Tokyo. The main hall was originally built in 645 to house a tiny golden statue of Kannon, the goddess of mercy, that had been caught by two brothers fishing in the Sumida River. The temple grounds swarm with people buying fortunes, praying, sightseeing, and shopping. Many come for the curative powers of incense billowing from the bronze urn in front of the main hall.Tokyo is also known worldwide for its Ginza District. Ginza is the most prestigious shopping area in Japan. Ginza became a shopping mecca following the removal of the shogunate's mint, from which the name Ginza derives, and its replacement by brick buildings on willow-lined avenues. Transposrt in Japan is also renound for its hi-tech approach. The 'Bullet Train' as it is commonly known, connects Tokyo with most other major Japanese cities, and has average speeds of around 300Kph (170Mph), as such it is the most punctual rail service on the planet.