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"So, what really is Anime Galleries all about" I hear you cry. Well, theres two stories here, the long one, and the short one. I could go on for hours and hours giving you a major lecture describing the foundations for the creation of this site. But im not that way inclined, and quite frankly I'm a lazy, good for nothing English ex-college student out of work with little money, and basically I cant be bothered to give you the long story. So here we go, the nice, basic, somewhat edited and rathger lacking in detail short version!

Q: What is Anime Gallereis all about?
A: Anime Galleries was created to provide a comprehensive multimedia archive of anime, manga, reviews, fan fiction, movie clips and lots, lots more for you and your computer.

Q: But isnt there enough anime out there at the moment?
A: Quite simply put, yes! However there is a gaping hole in the provision of Manga for the anime fan. It is Manga that this site will provide most of, creating what is billled to be the biggest manga archive on the 'net anywhere.